Our Choices for the Pike: Die for Zimmerman's Streetcar or Live with BRT

Hello, Yupette,

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It's obvious we have two choices for Pike transit - we can be killed and be injured by collisions with streetcars and streetcar tracks because Chris Zimmerman is allowed to inflict his megalomaniacal streetcar system on Columbia Pike, or we can all live with bus rapid transit, like the Las Vegas Ace BRT system.

I was happy to see and read Peter Rousselot's recent paper: "A Modern Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System is Far Superior to Streetcars in the Columbia Pike Corridor". Peter refers to a planned BRT system for Eugene Oregon and provides a YouTube video link for the proposed system -

I agree with A.Y.'s assertion that the costs from deaths, injuries, and property damage caused by a Pike streetcar system would amount to $15 million to $20 million per year. Accidents would also tie up streetcar tracks for hours causing significant economic loss for every serious accident and many accidents that are not serious.

It is beyond me why the Federal Transit Administration would even evaluate a grant application for an outrageously expensive and dangerous shared street streetcar system on a congested arterial that already has good bus service.