Caution - Zimmerman and Baird May Be Hazardous to Your Child's Safety

Hi Yupette,

I am really becoming concerned about the traffic from the huge Bailey's Crossing apartment complex (across Dinwiddie Street from Wakefield HS and just inside Fairfax County). So I tried to determine what happened to the funds for traffic mitigation that were supposed to be spent before the project was completed. Well the project is completed and it turns out (from a source close to Fairfax County Supervisor Penny Gross) that VDOT is sitting on the bond funds to start the project and neither the Arlington County Board nor the School Board have done anything about it, although they have been repeatedly contacted.

How's that for taking responsibility for our kids' safety? I am sure that if a child is hit and killed by a speeding vehicle driven by a 20-something who lives in Bailey's Crossing Baird and Zimmerman will finally do something after Zimmerman tells us everything is O.K. because his kid attends Wakefield.

S. Dinwiddie