Fisette's Biketard Allies Blame Pedestrians, Motorists, for Reckless and RWI Bicycle Accidents

Hey, Yupette,

You won't see this on AVN, AIM, or in the PR drivel handed to the local media by the County Manager's office and printed as "news", but at least a dozen traffic accidents and several  pedestrian injuries have already occurred this year, caused by Jay Fisette's biketard friends and allies while bicycling recklessly and/or RWI.

Jay has prevailed on the Arlington police to completely ignore any and all reckless bicycling. Arlington police are well-aware that as many as 10% of the people riding bicycles in the evening and on weekends may be riding under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and many have lost their driver's licenses as the result of DWI convictions.

Of course, if some biketard runs a stop sign at high speed and hits your motor vehicle, YOU are in big trouble with the police. That's the Arlington Way in the second decade of the 21st Century. Stay tuned for worse to come.

Ted  22204