Time for VA State Board of Education to Take Over Wakefield

Yupette, Wakefield H.S. is a mess and things will be worse when the new Wakefield H.S. is completed. The new Wakefield H.S. was designed by Sally Baird, Libby Garvey, Jay Fisette, Chris Zimmerman, etc., to be a recreation-entertainment 'party zone' for not only South Arlington but for adjacent neighborhoods of Alexandria and Fairfax County.

This is a school that has underperformed for decades. Typical response of the School Board and County Board was to bring President Obama to Wakefield to lecture students about taking responsibility for their education. As if 16-year olds have any control over their curriculum and learning environment We don't need any more PR from the Yuppiecrats. We need and want a school that educates our children.

Linda - 22206