Fiscal Responsibility Activists Censure County Board Over Crystal City 'Slush Fund'

Hello Yuppete,

A friend called me this morning and said I had to go to the Arlington County Government Web site ( and watch the fireworks at last night's County Board meeting over the County's TIF for Crystal City. It was Item 38 on the agenda.

Incredible - the County Board not only approved funding it's own $200 million-plus "slush fund" from General Fund tax revenues for it's pet vanity projects but let the REITS and developers off scot free of having to pay for any new public infrstruture not only in Crystal City, but in Pentagon City and Potomac Yards too. What a taxpayer rip off.

Thank you Mr. Atkins, Ms. Quinn, and Mr. Hurysz for going after these reprehensible people who get themselves elected year after year and even call themselves "Democrats". What a pack of scoundrels.

Margaret 22207