NO to All Four 2010 Bond Referenda

Arlington Yupette does not endorse any of the four bond referenda that will be on the ballot this year in Arlington.

A.Y. endorses a new Wakefield High School that puts education, not recreation, first and will include brick and mortar classrooms to accommodate at least 1900 students.

A.Y. does not endorse "transportation" bonds that allow Chris Zimmerman to make more cosmetic improvements to an obsolete 2-track Metrorail system and impose more traffic followed by more traffic calming on Arlington.

A.Y. does not endorse local infrastructure bonds that allow the County Board to strip pay-as-you-go funds to build vanity projects while streets are unpaved and badly lighted.

A.Y. does not endorse using more bond funds for the County Board's pet recreation and entertainment projects while millions in previously approved bond funds are unspent.