Zimmerman-Baird Crystal City, Pentagon City, Potomac Yards TIF Makes 2010 Bond Referenda "Extremely Risky".

Hi Yupette,

Do Arlington Voters know what they are really voting for when they/we are asked to approve the 2010 Bond Issues on this year's ballot? The 2010 Bond Referenda are going to be extremely risky to Arlington County's credit rating given that Zimmerman and Baird committed County Government to strip General Revenue funds to provide Zimmerman, Fisette, Tejada, and Favola with between $14 million and $20 million each year for the next 6 years via the Crystal City, Potomac Yards, and Pentagon City TIF to build their pet vanity projects. These projects will be not only very expensive to build but to staff and maintain. Another $14-$20 million a year or more.

Given that County Government will face a $14 million deficit next year, how long can Baird and Zimmerman keep the fiscal mismanagement bubble growing (with tacit support from their Republican pals) before it bursts?

My view - voting for the 2010 Bond Referenda would be extremely unwise.

I no longer wonder why Mike Brown departed the scene. Who wants to be responsible for operating a ship where the captain and crew are fiscal looney tunes?

Ken - 22207