County's Lack of Pedestrian and Bicycle Traffic Law Enforcement is Appalling

Hello Yupette,

I am 55 years old and drive around Arlington in my Honda Civic on the usual errands. This past weekend I saw the worst behavior by pedestrians and bicyclists I have ever seen. Massive jaywalking, people on all kinds of bicycles running stop signs and traffic lights, runners running down the middle of streets, parents pushing strollers in the middle of the street. And most of these people were dressed in black or dark colors.

Who started the share the road insanity? Wasn't it Fisette? Will Jay Fisette visit the people who end up in the hospital because of his Yuppie recreation craziness?

Please, if you are going to walk, bicycle, run, or push a stroller down the middle of a street at least wear a bright-colored shirt or jacket.