Next Up for Re-Selection: Mary 'Party's Over Here' Hynes

Hey Yupette,

Guess who's up for re-selection to the County Board next year? Arlington's most awesome Partyer, Mary 'Party's Over Here' Hynes. She was soooo awesome on the School Board, making my kid's school (Abingdon Elementary) into a world class kids' party zone. Party only ended when some dorky parents complained that their kids weren't learning, only partying. Weren't learning what? How to read and write? Who needs reading and writing. My daughter, little Buffy, can't read or write and she's a Barbara Favola Scholar at Marymount University, majoring in in Soccer and minoring in Field Hockey. I'm soooo happy Mary has successfully transitioned - from making dull schools into party schools to making this dull County into an exciting Party Zone.

Buffington Muffington