Arlington Yupette's Best and Worst of 2010

Based on your many postings to the A.Y. Blog, here are your picks for best and worst in Arlington, and around the region, in 2010:

Worst County Board Member - Chris Zimmerman. He's a total mess and everything he touches turns into an expensive mess.

Runner Up - Jay Fisette. Jay never misses an opportunity to waste scarce dollars on more of his favorite entertainment and recreation projects.

Best County Board Member - Mary Hynes. Keeping your mouth shut and going along with the program has its rewards.

Worst Local Journalism - The Washington Post, for finally coming out and stating what the Post has always been for - resegregation through gentrification - during the Fenty-Gray campaign.

Runner Up - Scott "Conflict of Interest" McCaffrey, Editor of the Arlington Sun Gazette, for never missing an opportunity to boost his fellow Chamber of Commerce Board Members and Realtors.

Best Local Journalism - Tie - Fairfax Times and Alexandria Times - for at least trying to be unbiased.

Worst Legislator - Senator Jim Webb. Why does he still call himself a Democrat?

Worst State Senator - Senator Mary Margaret Whipple. Given her tenure she should have produced much more for Arlington County.

Worst Delegate - Tie - David Englin, Adam Ebbin and Bob Brink. Hey guys you're supposed to serve everyone's interests, not the interests of the special interests.

Best Legislator - Patrick Hope, who is at least dimly aware that he was elected to serve the interests of all his constituents.

Worst Candidate for Public Office- Tie - Chris Zimmerman and Sally Board, who ran on platforms of more-of-the-same failures.

Best Candidate for Public office - Miriam Gennari - for daring to state in a County governed by "community leaders" who worship the status quo and mediocrity: "We can do better for our kids".

Worst County Board Enabler - Mike "Nardozimmy" Nardolilli for selling out his East Falls Church community to Chris Zimmerman's megalomaniac redevelopment schemes.

Best Community Activist - Jim Hurysz - for trying to preserve something resembling a quality of life in Arlington for everyone over the next several decades.

Best Community Organization - Worst Community Organization - No award. They are all seen at budget hearings but not heard from otherwise, except when throwing galas and supporting more of the same.

Worst Community Leader - Arlington Civic Federation President Mike Kerley, for hosting meeting after meeting of "all talk - no action" during 2010.

Best Community Leader - Maureen Ross, President of the Cherrydale Civic Association for telling the County Board to stop delaying long-overdue infrastructure improvements in Cherrydale.