County Board Set to Veto More Green Taxicabs, Promote More Traffic and More Bicycles

Hi Yupette,

Take a look at the County Board's agenda for the December 11th County Board Meeting. Two taxicab companies want to add 100 Green taxicabs to their fleets. The County Board is set to veto this proposal (which will cost taxpayers nothing). Instead, the County Board will add to Arlington's traffic, by, among other things, approving a new parking garage. The County Board's primary traffic mitigation strategy is to promote bicycles, a mode of transportation that is weather-dependent and unsuitable for most of Arlington's residents. The County Board's "traffic plan" is for more of the same, more traffic followed by more traffic calming. Don't want to drive? Buy a bicycle. Or, share a bicycle.

Arlington County refuses to promote, or even mention, shared vehicles as an important transportation option, then complains that demand for taxicabs is stagnant.

I'm 55 years old and I don't like bicycles. Enough of using millions of tax dollars to promote something I and most County residents won't use, while ignoring a mode of transportation almost everyone can use.

Peter - 22205