Favola Set to 'Shirlington' EFC to Benefit Her Employer - Marymount

Hello Ms. Yupette,

I moved from a condominium near Shirlington to the Williamsburg - EFC neighborhood several years ago to escape the traffic from the Shirlington re-development and so my kids would have a back yard and so we would live on a quiet street.

What is happening now regarding the Bishop O'Connell athletic field conversion is the same thing that happened when Shirlington was redeveloped. A committee was formed to supposedly represent everyone's interests. The majority of the committee is composed of a Walsh-Colucci lawyer, parks and recreation employees who don't live in Arlington, and people connected with Bishop O'Connell. Also, it appears that several persons who supposedly represent the interests of EFC and Williamsburg will 'rubber stamp' anything the Walsh-Colucci lawyer puts in front of them.

Worse by far is, as 'County Staff' tells me, Barbara Favola has been working on imposing this on us from her offices at Marymount and at the County Board. Reportedly she is paid $100,000 a year to be Marymount's chief lobbyist.

Another 'Shirlingon' is in the works. Thought you'd like to know.