Mary 'Party Train's Over Here' Hynes to Help Conduct Metro Board

Hey Yupette,

Chris Zimmerman finally had it with WMATA. He's leaving to focus on making Arlington Metropolis on the Potomac, beginning with the EFC Tysons III mega-development and the $300 million Crystal City and Columbia Pike trolleys. Every month another unpleasant surprise from WMATA. And Zimmerman responded every time by 'putting lipstick on a pig'....more cosmetics like station improvements. He never responded to basic capacity needs, Metrorail is a 2-track system, but voted to construct hundreds of new buildings in the Metrorail corridors. After years of ignoring capacity issues he recently began to be concerned.

Will Mary Hynes be any better on the WMATA Board? Yes. If she focuses on getting the partiers to the party.

Metrorail Rider