Arlington Chamber, Local Media, Will Endorse Hynes and Tejada

HI Yupette,

Like many small buinesspersons I'm not a fan of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce which supposedly represents small business but actually doesn't. Unlike the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Arlington Chamber is also anti-minority owned business and anti-renewable energy. The Arlington Chamber's office staff are cheerleaders for the Big Business members. From what I hear in the business community look for the Arlington Chamber to endorse and support Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada for re-election. Mary and Walter support the Arlington Chamber's neo-con Big Business agenda, and make it a priority to attend Arlington Chamber functions. Look for the Post, Sun-Gazette, Examiner, etc. to endorse Hynes and Tejada. The local media are increasingly attuned to the Big Business agenda of non governmental organizations like the Arlington Chamber. The Arlington Sun Gazette has become a propaganda outlet for the Arlington Chamber via it's Editor (and Arlington Chamber Executive Committee member) Scott McCaffrey. No wonder Arlington Republicans run such mediocre campaigns. Why vote for a neo-conservative when you can re-elect an nice Republican incumbent?

Ted - 22205