Citizens Demand McCaffrey Resign from Arlington Chamber's BOD

Hello, Yupette,

Like many other Arlington residents, I was shaken by the letter that appeared on this week's Arlington Sun Gazette opinion pages. Obviously, Sun Gazette Editor Scott McCaffrey has a massive conflict of interest between being Managing Editor of the SG and his position on the Executive Committee of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

Scott has ignored any criticism about this matter and the only response he's published on his blog stated that the SG is "not a reputable newspaper" but a real estate supplement with Scott's news and views attached.

You sure could have fooled me, and I'm a former Civic Federation Delegate. The CivFed and all the political candidates have taken Scott and his civic news and political endorsements very seriously over the years.

It is time for Mr. McCaffrey to immediately resign from the Arlington Chamber's Board of Directors. Moreover, if the Sun Gazette's parent corporation, American Community Newspapers, had any pretense of actually being "for the community" it would have not allowed Mr. McCaffrey to pursue his real estate and chamber of commerce interests against the community's interests, and would have brought in a new Managing Editor for the Sun Gazette when American Community Newspapers shed it's irresponsible managers and emerged from bankruptcy last year.

Westover Resident