EFC Residents - Back to the Drawing Board

Hello Yupette,

I am a very angry EFC homeowner of a single-family home and I will not go along with Zimmerman and his sleazy Planning Commissioner Nancy Hunt and the lawyers, Reits, and County Staffers, Chamber of Commerce Enablers like McCaffrey, and so-called Community Leaders, like Mike Nardolilly, (many, if not most of these people don't even live in Arlington County) trying to impose another Shirlington on my neighborhood.

What we want is to replace old buildings with new buildings that preserve the residential character of East Falls Church. Is that too much to ask? Only if you are part of an out-of-control County Government that counts one of its economic development "successes" requiring Trader Joes to only pay $500,000 in graft to open a new store in Clarendon.

PLEASE, EFC Homeowners, attend the so-called EFC "Planning" Meeting next Tuesday and prevent our community from being destroyed by Zimmerman and his lackeys in County Government who are enabling the REITs to take over Arlington, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Kim - EFC