Fisette's Neighbors Object to Founders Square Deal with County Board Pet Developer

Hello Yupette,

I live in Ashton Heights and we are already concerned about the amount of traffic to be generated by Founders Square redevelopment. Now the County Board wants to grant even more bonus density to its pet developer in return for $6.5 million in improvements to Mosaic Park. This is another transfer of development rights charade whereby the County Board rewards a pet developer with big bonus density derived from keeping public parkland public parkland with "improvements" (lighted playing fields). Of course the primary users of the improved Mosaic Park will be the residents of the Founders Square redevelopment. Even Jay Fisette's friends and neighbors in the Ashton Hts. Civic Association are concerned about our historic neighborhood being overwhelmed by traffic. This will be agenda item #25 on Saturdays' County Board meeting agenda.

G.L. - Ashton Hts