Too Many Important Decisions Are Made by Non-Residents

Hello Yupette,

Thanks for this blog.

I live near Crystal City. As the result of our treatment by Arlington County during Crystal City "re-development" I would like to bring up an issue that deeply concerns me and others in my community - the extent to which people who don't live in Arlington make important planning and other decisions.

I was surprised to learn that County Manager, and long-time County employee, Barbara Donnellan, does not live in Arlington. Perhaps 80% of the people who make important planning, transportation, housing, education, public safety, recreation, and other decisions don't live here, pay taxes here, vote here (some get to send their kids to Arlington schools illegally but that's another topic).

Do you realize that when many important decisions are made by the County Board the only people doing the talking at County Board meetings who are Arlington residents are the five County Board members?

Regarding Crystal City, when this item came to the County Board the beneficiaries of the County Board's decisions were: an out-of-state REIT, its out-of-state law firm, and the county staff who don't live in Arlington, whose jobs depend on putting together these kinds of "deals". Oh, by the way, I understand the County Attorney who signs off on these deals is not an Arlington resident, nor is the County Board clerk who arranges all the meetings between the developers and County Board.

What are Arlington residents anyway? A bunch of fools who pay so others can play, and get rich at our expense.