Zimmerman Kicks off Massive Pike 'Resegregation Through Gentrification' Campaign

Hey, Yupette,

After awarding another pet developer with mega millions in bonus density for yuppifying Ashton Heights, Chris Zimmerman proceeded to the Arlington County Trades Center to supervise the real business of the day - the meeting of the Plenary Committee charged with the total (and I mean TOTAL) gentrification through re-segregation of the Pike. Who are the members of the Zimmerman-appointed Plenary Committee? His typical Democratic ward heelers, most of whom live nowhere near the Pike. Zimmy also brought in the usual out of state developers and planners and County Staff who don't live in the County helped coordinate the event. As for the Latinos who live on the Pike, they were not invited.

Yupette, what is really scary is that Chris Zimmerman has become such a megalomaniacal nut case about driving the Latinos out of Arlington that he even wants to force the families who've owned rental real estate along to Pike for decades to sell out for redevelopment. And he's had Arlington Economic Development figuring out how he can force them to do that.

What's Zimmy after? Turning the Pike into a yupscale canyon of ugly postmodernist buildings, populated by yupscale renters and condo owners with trendy retail and 300 vehicle parking garages beneath the buildings. And a $200 million trolley system blocking rush hour traffic on the Pike. Duh.