Arlington Mill 'Affordable' Housing - Resegregation Through Gentrification

Hello Yupette,

Anyone who doesn't believe that Chris Zimmerman's agenda for the Pike isn't to drive out all the minorities and middle class non-minorities should visit the County's Web site and see the extravagant plans for the so-called 'affordable' housing to be constructed on the County-owned Arlington Mill site. No wonder you will have to earn $50,000 or so to be 'qualified' to become a tenant. Just right for a recent college grad who's working for a non-profit. Plenty of parking for a pre-owwned or Mom's hand-me-down BMW - zooom. And if one of your Yuptard buds has a problem with controlled substances, there's going to be a recovery center on-site. Mr. Zimmerman thought of everything. Yupeee.