County Board, Staff, Developer Spent Months Working on Howard Manor Charade

Hi Yupette,

Despite what you may have seen and heard from the County Board tonight, the Howard Manor Apartments gentrification charade was in the works for months. The tenants are victims of another of Zimmerman's pet developers, this one specializes in making lots of money from kicking out tenants from older apartment buildings and receiving huge subsidies for making the renovated buildings "affordable". The tenants only found out about the plans last night. The charade was so transparent that a couple County Board members were actually laughing. Not funny to the tenants, some of whom have have been living at Howard Manor Apartments for more than a decade.

This is a preview of what Zimmerman has in store for the entire Columbia Pike corridor - older rental apartments are not homes for middle-class Arlingtonians, but "redevelopment opportunities" for out-of-state developers.