Zimmerman's "Community Leaders" Threaten Pike Middle Class With Arrest

Hello, Yupette,

I am a resident of the Barcroft Apartments, and for years I've been trying to become a part of the so-called "Arlington Way." But I only earn $32,000 a year. And Chis Zimmerman's "Community Leaders" won't let me on any committee, commission, anything related to the Pike.

Recently I've been threatened with arrest if I continue speaking out against the total gentrification of the Pike that Mr. Zimmerman proposes. I am not a Latino or Latina. They have been repeatedly threatened anyone who speaks out about the "Zimmerfication" of the Pike with being arrested for speaking out against the blatant discrimination by Mr. Zimmerman's North Arlington Democratic Party "facilitators" that he's appointed to committee after committee to gentrify the Middle Class out of South Arlington.

Any suggestions as to how I deal with these repeated threats of arrest by Zimmerman's ward heelers?

J,M., Barcroft Apts.