Libby Garvey is Anti-Education, Pro-Gentrification


We've reviewed Libby Garvey's tenure on the Arlington School Board and we've concluded that the only thing she should be running for is retirement. Whether it was the near-collapse of Abingdon School (her own neighborhood school) in the late '90's before NCLB and SOL or her focus on recreation and sports today, we've concluded that Libby Garvey is anti-education and pro-gentrification.

We don't need or want to continually spend extravagantly for mediocrity. Surely with all the resources available to the Arlington School System we should see the drop-out rate decreasing rather than increasing. It's obvious that Libby Garvey is aligned with Chris Zimmerman's 'final solution'. Rather than providing housing, education, and other services to households that don't earn at least $100,000 per year they embrace the relocation of everyone lacking significant disposable income to the outer-outer suburbs.