New Cherrydale Fire Station to Cost More Than $17 Million

Hello, Ms. Yupette,

I live in Cherrydale and I'm exasperated by the Cherrydale Fire Station fiasco. I noticed that the County Board will appropriate another $180,000 on Saturday for alarm, dispatching, and lighting systems (Agenda Item 20). I wondered how much more the County Board will spend on this project and when it will be completed. So here is what I found out from talking to County Staff.

The total cost of the New Cherrydale Fire Station will be more than $17 million and the project is supposed to be completed in June. About $5.5 million of the cost went to the Koons Auto Empire for a parking garage in return for the 1/2 acre of land the fire station will occupy.

There will be 3 bays in the new Fire Station. One of thee bays will be for the present Cherrydale fire engine, another will be for a heavy rescue vehicle that's a reserve unit. The EMS vehicle will be transferred from Fire Station 4 (Clarendon).

So, that's our new fire station. Thought you'd like to know.

Paul in Cherrydale