Next "Affordable Housing" Mega-Deal Will Gentrify Out Shirlington Workers

Hi Yupette,

I live in the Park Shirlington Apartments, which are located on South 31st Street between Fairlington Villages and Shirlington. I'm an assistant manager of a Shirlington restaurant and I walk to work every day. I don't own a car, don't need one, shop at Harris-Teeter in Shirlington Village and take public transit. I pay $1345 for a 2-bedroom apartment and I have a roommate to share rent.

You should be aware that the County's Planning and Housing Divisions are in active negotiations with the landlord to tear down Park Shirlington Apartments, owned by Home Properties, and replace them with luxury condos. I understand this is being pushed by some people in Fairlington who don't want minorities living next to Fairlington.

Many of us who live in Park Shirlington walk to work in Shirlington or take public transit (the bus stops in front of Park Shirlington) to the Pentagon and then to D.C.

This seems to be another attempt by a County Government that hates middle class and minority workers to gentrify us out and replace us with yuppies and upscale older people. I have to come to believe what I hear is true - Arlington is run by Racists and Elitists.

Jorge, Park Shirlington Apartments, S. 31st Street.