Zimmerman Pushes 'Affordable Housing' Charade Forward to 2015

Hi Yupette,

Check out the 'Proposed Revisions to Arlington's Goals and Targets for Affordable Housing', Zimmy's jive turkey affordable housing charade (Agenda Item 30 on Saturday's County Board Meeting Agenda). It's all the same old promises and little or no action and money spent to ameliorate the huge effects from County Board's massive 'Resegration Through Gentrification' program about to be implemented everywhere in the County. A 'Comprehensive Homeless Service Center to Treat and Prevent Homelessness'? Another promise pushed forward to 2015 while Zimmey spends $3 million this year to design his Pike streetcar system that will cost taxpayers $138 million to put 12 streetcars on the Pike. Time to throw the bums out? You bet.