County Board Caves In Response to Citizen Pressure over Budget

Hello, Yupette,

Thank you for your blog. Thanks in part to your blog the County Board caved in to citizen pressure to restore cuts in library hours, fix the Lubber Run Amphitheater, not increase the real estate tax rate, increase the number of police officers, fund homelessness prevention programs, and provide funding for several other programs that benefit County residents.

Unfortunately, the amount being budgeted to restore library cuts, renovate Lubber Run, and so on is insignificant compared to what the County Board will budget for its pet vanity projects, its pet non-profits, its funding the poverty pimps who help keep the homeless homeless, its gifts to developers and REITs, and the growth of an inefficient and wasteful County bureaucracy.

It says a lot about Arlington County Government that it's only interested in the needs of citizens when it's pressured by citizens. Time for a major change on the County Board.