County Board to 'Sunset' Regular Hearing Agenda Items?

Hello, Yupette,

Have you noticed that there are only two Regular Hearing items on the County Board's agenda for Saturday? They are East Falls Church 'development for the sake of development' (item 33) and the amendments to the County's towing ordinance (item 34) which the County Board will take up on April 26th. Everything else the County Board will take up on April 16th is on the Consent Agenda. That includes, funding for the Route 1 - Crystal City streetcar system, funding for the Long Bridge Park Aquatic Center, major revisions to the form based code for the Pike, approval of the consolidated plan for FY 2012, adoption of Jay Fisette's fossil fuels forever energy task force report, and the County's loans to the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing for the gentrification of Buchanan Gardens.

The common definition of a consent agenda is: "A tool used to streamline meeting procedures by collecting routine non-controversial items into a group whereby all may be approved with a single motion and vote."

Appears the County Board is going to 'sunset' regular hearing items and put everything on the consent agenda in the near future.