EFC Redevelopment Indicates Arlington is a 'Corrupt Insider's Club'

Hello, Yupette,

After hearing what EFC residents had to say at Saturday's County Board meeting about EFC redevelopment I have to believe that Arlington is a club run by and for insiders. It's obvious that developers told Chris Zimmerman what they expected in return for the proffers they were going to have to pay, and Chris Zimmerman told Nardolilli what his task force was going to conclude. EFC is a small part of a big government, non-profit, for-profit club where the insiders are paid off in various ways, ranging from putting family members on the County's payroll to earning big salaries running non-profits that either do nothing or help developers destroy middle class neighborhoods in the name of 'affordable housing' or earn lucrative 'consulting fees' which are never reported except to the IRS. Add the local media that are shills for the chamber of commerce and board of realtors and you have a totally cynical and corrupt system.

Dennis 22205