Kubicki Theater? County Board Set to Pass a Bloated Budget, Then Vote for Vanity Projects

Hi Ms. Yupette,

Your posting about 'Kubicki Theater' at last week's Civic Federation meeting was right-on. But I can go you one better - next Saturday's County Board meeting. County Board is going to pass a bloated budget, raise taxes, give itself a big raise, and then vote to fund its pet vanity projects, the $130 million Aquatics-Indoor Recreation Center, the $140 million Route 1 streetcar, fund non-profits to gentrify the middle class out of market-rate affordable rental apartments, fund the poverty pimps who keep the homeless homeless, approve Jay Fisette's energy task force fossil fuels forever charade, and so on. All on the consent agenda. No discussion wanted. Then the County Board moves on to the main event, redevelopment of East Falls Church. It's all on-line at