Neighboring States Way Ahead of Fi$ette-Dominion 'Fossil Fuels Forever Follies'

Hello, Yupette,

While County Board Member Jay Fi$ette and his good buds at Dominion Resources have rigged his so-called 'Energy Task Force' to ensure that Dominion Resources and the other Virginia energy companies keep on burning fossil fuels, neighboring states are making solar a major component of their energy policy for the next decade. In North Carolina, Duke Energy is committed to producing 12.5 percent of North Carolina's electric energy from solar by 2021. In New York, the state is providing $25 million this year in grants for residential solar water heating systems and providing major energy credits to corporations that install solar water heating systems. In New Jersey, the state's utility is installing solar panels on street light poles that will produce 40 megawatts of electric power when the project is completed. Even the City of Alexandria stood up to Dominion and had solar water heating and geothermal installed at Minnie Howard School.

We need Jay Fi$ette, Walter Tejada, and Mary Hynes on the County Board like we need the Arti$phere. I'm voting for the Green Party's candidate Audrey Clement. We've heard enough from committees packed with pet people that cater to Dominion and the other polluters.

Anon. Arlington Ridge