Time for Regionalization, Not More Urbanization

Hello, Yupette,

I grew up in Kentucky where state government has taken a regional approach to providing services and constructing public infrastructure. This saves Kentucky taxpayers billions each year. I am happy to see that Arlington County is going to a regional approach to homelessness treatment, starting with a regional homelessness crisis intervention center, located near Inova Fairfax Hospital.

But why stop there? Arlington's taxpayers could save a hundred million dollars a year (or more) if the County's fat-headed elected elected pols (Mr. Zimmeman foremost among them) and bloated bureaucracy stopped trying to cram everything into one tiny suburban county.

I live in Westover and I am for a total moratorium on any new urbanization, starting with East Falls Church. If Marymount and O'Connell want a lighted team sports center, build it out in Fairfax County where it won't bother anyone.

I find it mind-boggling that so many of the 'decision makers' who are trying to totally urbanize Arlington live in McLean in big McMansions where so much is off-limits to development and redevelopment of any kind. Arlington's Economic Development Office is even helping McLean investors tear down affordable single family homes and affordable market-rate apartments in Arlington.

This started years ago with a County Board that never met a County bureaucracy or a developer it didn't like. Now the bureaucrats and developers have taken over the County Board. When will it end? How many billions will be wasted before we elect County Board members who have fiscal responsibility and common sense?