Wayne Wows CivFed With Minor Changes to a Bloated and Out-of-Control County Government

Hey Yupette,

Wayne Kubicki was a big hit at the Arlington Civic Federation budget meeting last night. His Revenues and Expenditures Committee report called for creation of an Inspector General, and a cut in the tax rate. Trouble is, Wayne didn't begin to touch the $100 to $200 million of waste and mismanagement in the County's $1 billion FY 2012 budget.

The County Board depends on lots of paygo and bond funds to buy votes from special interests and pay for its own extravagant pet projects, so it's unlikely they would want an IG looking over Barbara Donnellan's shoulder.

Give Wayne a lot of credit for political savvy. What the CivFed's R & E Committee proposed would take nothing from anyone except the County Board. Unfortunately, Arlington County is a financial disaster waiting to happen. But as long as Democratic County Board candidates can count on receiving 60% of the vote, election after election, nothing will change.