Arlington's Bikeshare Program - Another Artisphere

Hi, Yupette,

Take a look at Agenda Items 24 and 26 on the County Board's Agenda for this Saturday's meeting. They involve a big increase in funding of Arlington's Bikeshare program. It's going to be like the Artisphere, County Board will reward its non-profit and for-profit friends and campaign contributors with funding for their biker organizations.

And there's even $300,000 for a "Driver, Pedestrian, and Bicyclist Safety Program". About time.

How about people who won't, or can't, ride bicycles? Well, you're out of luck. Don't want to ride a bicycle in the winter? Don't like bicycles? Think Arlington streets are too dangerous to ride bicycles? Too old to ride a bicycle? Too disabled to ride a bicycle? Too bad.

Oh, this is the same County Board that approved the construction of 30,000 new parking spaces in Arlington between 2000 and 2010 and is on-track to approve the construction of 20,000-30,000 more this decade.

No More Artispheres