County Board's 5 Year Plan: Massive Urbanization + Massive Borrowing = Massive Vanity Projects

Hello, Yupette,

The County Board is preparing to implement its new and unofficial 5-year plan for Arlington. County Board's plan calls for massive urbanization to put as much new luxury real estate on the assessment rolls as possible. No matter what the consequences for our quality-of-life. Increased tax assessment will be used to leverage borrowing to fund the County Board's massive vanity recreation, transportation, and entertainment projects. The most expensive will be the $300 million Columbia Pike and Crystal City streetcar systems (two additional $150 million streetcar routes are being discussed). Not far behind streetcar spending will be the $265 million Long Bridge Aquatic Center, Field House, and Sports Arena. If enough parents complain the County Board is prepared to spend $150 million to construct brick-and-mortar classrooms to handle the projected increased student population, otherwise students will have to learn in leased trailer classrooms.

Other Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources funding will be for a $20 million boathouse on the Potomac, and at least two $20 million more live theaters. The County Board will also spend extravagantly for a greatly expanded Sister Cities and Cultural Exchange Program.

Bottom line, if you are living in affordable housing today, you can be assured that it will be re-developed into luxury housing tomorrow to pay for the County Board's extravagances.