Nada Tejada Tiene Mucho Dinero en El Salvador

Hello, Yupette,

I have heard Walter Tejada's life history, how he grew up poor and had "nada" when he arrived in the USA at 13.

That isn't true today. "Nada" Tejada is a wealthy guy, with many investments in El Salvador that aren't reported anywhere except perhaps on his IRS form 1040. Only Jay Fi$tte is wealthier. I have got to wonder how much of his sister cities travel, especially to El Salvador, has anything to do with the sister cities program.

According to several Salvadoran immigrants, Walter Tejada is the "go to guy" for anyone from El Salvador who wants something "facilitated". For which he is well-compensated in various ways.

I have no intention of voting for someone who spends all his time on the County Board looking after his investments, pet people, and pet special interests.

I would be happy to help circulate a petition calling for the creation of an independent inspector general office in Arlington.