Time for County Board to Reveal Federal Income Tax Data

Hello, Yupette,

What do County Board members actually do in the County board offices, besides play politics, meet with the gimme groups to discuss how many tax dollars will be allocated to buy votes, and meet with developers?

One thing Walter Tejada and Jay Fisette do is use their tenures on the County Board to enrich themselves. Jay Fisette steers corporations that want to do business with or in Arlington County to his domestic partner's consulting corporation. Walter Tejada has a number of 'consulting ventures' facilitated by his de facto position as Arlington's Roving Sister Cities Ambassador.

None of that shows up on their annual financial disclosure forms. So, it's time that Jay and Walter, and the other County Board members, disclosed their federal 1040s. Also, Jay's domestic partner's personal and corporate federal tax data. Of course that would lead to immediate calls for resignation(s). And it would be also be obvious to everyone that Jay and his domestic partner could write personal checks to cover the Artisphere's annual deficits.