1 Billion Non-Biodegradable Trash Bags to Landfills from Arlington Annually?


I have seen the green this and green that all over Arlington the past couple of years. But did you ever try to figure out how many non-biodegradable trash bags are being sent to landfills from Arlington every year? A lot. Maybe as many as a billion trash bags of all sizes (from wastepaper basket liners to yard waste bags). How many of these trash bags are biodegradable? Almost none. It's difficult to even find a retail store that sells biodegradable kitchen trash bags in Arlington. I had to order the biodegradable kitchen trash bags for my home from the Internet. They are not cheap, which is probably why they aren't widely available.

If Mr. Fisette is so concerned about the environment maybe he can find an economical source of biodegradable trash bags for use in County offices, including the County Board offices.