Clement Blasts County Board Pike Redevelopment as 'Reckless', 'Irresponsible'


I was able to obtain a statement from County Board candidate Audrey Clement regarding Dover, Kohl's plans for Columbia Pike redevelopment. Here are her conclusions:

"With rounding for inflation the total cost of redeveloping the Pike is $160 million for the trolley (2010 estimate) + $290 million to subsidize affordable housing = $450 million. This doesn't include the cost of additional infrastructure improvements like schools and streets to accommodate three times as many people. Unless the Obama Administration agrees to pay for the trolley, the total cost is going to be absorbed by taxpayers throughout the county, not all of whom equate densification and gentrification with Smart Growth.

Tripling the density of the Pike when the schools are already overcrowded is irresponsible. Committing the County to pay for an unneeded extravagance to draw more people in is reckless. Although Dover, Kohl has provided an invaluable service in reporting the true cost of redeveloping the Pike, I oppose the total urbanization of Arlington County by the Arlington County Board to serve the wants of out-of-state REITs, developers, and planners.

Enough is enough. We are a tiny suburban County, not a major urban 'redevelopment opportunity'. Please join me in halting overdevelopment and recycling middle income people out of this county. Support my campaign for Arlington County Board."