County Board to Finance Pet Projects With Massive Pike Gentrification

Hello, Yupette,

I was able to obtain a copy of Dover, Kohl's "Columbia Pike Land Use and Housing Study" over the weekend. This is the expensive planning document that was presented to the County Manager and County Board at a joint meeting last Thursday.

Contained in this document are the plans (mostly already pre-approved by the County Board) for massive in-fill gentrification of the Pike. Nothing is said about the effects of massive in-fill gentrification on already-crowded schools, parks, playgrounds, streets, etc.

It's clear that the County Board is using massive gentrification of the Pike to fund it's pet vanity projects. If the County Board were not building streetcar systems, boathouses, aquatic centers, sports arenas, and wasting money on its pet programs the County Board would have plenty of money to build lots of affordable housing and renovate present affordable housing. The County Board is aided and abetted by a bloated County bureaucracy that wants to grow by completely urbanizing Arlington, and by out-of-state "planners" like Dover, Kohl.