Favola Firehouse Fiasco to Cost Taxpayers Another $127,000

Hello Yupette,

I was outraged to see the County Board is wanting another $127,000 to complete the $18 million Cherrydale Fire Station because of "unforseen circumstances". This time resulting from street paving problems. This is item 20 on the County Board's consent agenda for the June 11th County Board meting. The County will be paying the Cherrydale Fire Station's architects another $27,000 as an additional "administration fee" for this project. Why?

When it comes to large construction projects for her employer, Marymount University, where she is Chief Lobbyist, Barbara was extremely attentive to ensure there were no delays. When it comes to us, the taxpayers, having essential public infrastructure completed some time in our lifetimes, she could apparently care less.

Frank, Cherrydale