Foxcroft Heights Gentrification-Facilitation Charade June 23rd

Hello, Ms. Yupette,

The Foxcroft Heights gentrification-facilitation charade will take place tomorrow, Thursday, between 7 and 9 PM at the Walter Reed Community Center, more than two miles from Foxcroft Heights. Why not across the street at the Sheraton where the other Pike charades will be held? Because then many more Foxcroft Heights residents would show up to protest the gentrification of their middle-class neighborhood. Zimmerman and his pet planner, Dover, Kohl, can't wait to redevelop Foxcroft Heights, to replace the uppity middle class with acquiescent yuppies and their passive servants. Oh, forgot to mention, the police will also be there.

It just kills the County Board, County Planning Staff, the County's pet developers, REITs, lawyers, and media boosters that any affordable middle class housing still remains in Arlington. All the hedo elite who are running and ruining Arlington are concerned about is building more hedo infrastructure.