Zimmerman, County Board, County Staff Push Pike Redevelopment, Gentrification

Hello, Yupette,

I attended this morning's Pike design charette. It's a charade all right. Zimmerman and the County Board were supervising County Planning staff who were facilitating the community leaders. Community leaders were given brown, red, orange marking pens to make changes when allowed by County Planning Staff. No one was allowed to deviate in any significant way from Dover, Kohl's yuppification / gentrification plans. Dover and Kohl are a couple of good old boys who live in yuppie enclaves outside Miami and specialize in-fill redevelopment "planning" that conforms to the wants of local elected officials, e.g., Zimmerman and the County Board.

Oh, some participants want double deck hybrid buses on the Pike rather than streetcars, but they were ignored. These charades will cost Arlington taxpayers $216,000. For what? For citizens to make very minor changes to a massive redevelopment that was approved months ago behind closed doors at 2100 Clarendon Blvd.