Zimmerman, County Board Privatizing Public Meetings and Events

Hello, Yupette,

Have you noticed what Chris Zimmerman and the County Board are doing to public meetings and public access to information? They're privatizing everything. It will cost you $35 to attend the CPRO Pike luncheon to hear Zimmerman talk about Pike planning. The Pike "planning" charades at the end of this month are run by CPRO. It will cost another $50 to hear Zimmerman talk to the Chamber of Commerce about business opportunities. The working session on June 9th between the County Manager and County Board regarding Pike planning will not hear comments from the public. Important items are being placed on the County Board meeting consent agenda (there is only one item on the regular hearing agenda at the June 11th County Board meeting). This is going way beyond telling minorities that they are not welcome to attend Pike planning meetings, Civic Federation meetings, etc. It's become difficult or impossible for voters, taxpayers, and residents to know what's occurring in County Government, except via the County's PR organization and from press releases from the County's PR organization appearing in the local media.

Ron - Barcroft