Stamos Sucks - Here's Why: Racist + Elitist

Hi Yupette,

I'm not surprised that the Sun Gazette (controlled by Dallas and Leesburg NeoCons) endorsed Theo Stamos for Commonwealth's Attorney, to succeed Arlington's premier racist and elitist, Richard Trodden. Theo Stamos is one of the main reasons Arlington's Latinos and Latinas are afraid to attend civic functions, to participate in politics, to even shop in her own neighborhood - Westover.

Theo Stamos is the 'Bryd Machine 2000' pick to succeed Dick Trodden, who never saw a poor minority or homeless person or nonconforming parent he didn't want to prosecute and lock up for about 20 years.

Dick and Theo have conspired to keep the professional staff of the Arlington Commonwealth's Attorney's Office lily white for more than 20 years.

Theo's opponent, Dave Deane, is 10 times the lawyer Theo Stamos will ever be, but that doesn't count because Arlington is run by and for a bunch of Republicrat racists and elitists who are only interested in bringing back the good old days of racial segregation.

Kevin - GMU Law School Grad