Tejada Demanding Campaign Contributions in Return for "Facilitation"


Thank you for your blog.

I'm a 2nd-Generation Arlington Latino and Walter Tejada is a disgrace to Arlington's Latino and Latina community. This guy is a big nada, does nothing for us as a community or individually. Did you see what happened to the Casa Blanca bakery and coffee shop on the Pike? It went out of business. What Nada Tejada is really good at doing, besides traveling around the USA and the World at taxpayers' expense, is demanding 'contributions' for facilitating use permit renewals for restaurants and also for grant applications that come before the County Board. These are not restaurants like Casa Blanca, they are night clubs and have lots of problems. Almost all the organizations that are looking for grants from the County are worthless, except they pay their leadership big salaries. If you are one of these groups you have to make a 'contribution' to Senor Tejada to have your use permit or grant or whatever 'facilitated' by the County Board.

Just wanted to give you a perspective about what is occurring in the Latino and Latina community.