AIM, AVG Greenwash Arlington Residents

Hello Yupette,

I surfed around Arlington Independent Media and the County's PR video network, AVN. It's more than obvious that neither is interested in promoting a truly "green" Arlington but are tied to the County's "greenwashing" PR aimed at preserving the status quo.

So you won't see the most basic renewable energy information, e.g., solar hot water heating.

In other progressive communities you'll see many advertisements for renewable hot water systems, for example, in New York. And in places like Florida, inexpensive solar pool heaters allow outdoor swimming pools to be used almost the entire year.

At this point, it appears that solar hot water heating may or may not be installed at the new Wakefield High School, although there will be two swimming pools constructed there.

Arlington is falling so far behind everyone else when it comes to installing renewable energy it's appalling. With all our wealth we can and should be doing much better. That's why I'm not voting for incumbents on August 23rd and in November.

Denise, 22205