Demonstrators, Local Residents Demand End to 'Secure Communities'

Hello, Yupette,

Last evening a large and vocal group of demonstrators demanded an immediate end to the Department of Homeland Security's so-called 'Secure Communities' program at a meeting of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. The meeting was held at Founders Hall of George Mason University, on Fairfax Drive. At least 30 uniformed police officers were present to monitor approximately 200 demonstrators. The demonstrators moved indoors and the Council members heard about 50 speakers.

The speakers overwhelmingly denounced 'Secure Communities' and called for an immediate end to the program. Several Arlington activists spoke on both sides of the issue. The most appalling statements came from attorneys who represent immigrant defendants regarding significant and serious abuses in the 'Secure Communities' program. Several local residents detailed the kafkaesque experiences they and their relatives endured after being apprehended by the police and sent to detention centers operated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.