Ford Focus EV to be Introduced Soon; County Board Buys a $43,000 Hybrid for 'Evaluation'


If you visited the Arlington County Fair you may have seen the $43,000 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid Arlington County purchased (for the list price) for testing and evaluation.

But County Staff who are in charge of testing and evaluating the Volt were clueless about the imminent introduction of the all-electric Ford Focus EV, which will list for approximately $32,000 with an approximate $7,000 tax rebate. That will make the all-electric Focus affordable for millions of drivers. The Focus EV has a 100 mile range, which makes it ideal for trips inside the Beltway.

Ford also just announced an optional rooftop photovoltaic charging package for the Focus EV which will list for $10,000.

But how will the basic Focus EV (or a similar all-electric vehicle, or even a plug-in hybrid) be charged if you don't own a single family home with a garage? Or if you own a Focus EV with a photovoltaic panel roof and park in an underground garage?

The County's citizen energy task force was long on sustainable development and short on renewable energy.

The Ford Focus EV will be introduced in months, not years. What's the County Board and the County's bloated transportation bureaucracy (not to mention apartment building owners and condo communities) going to do about it? Ford has not been shy about disclosing the Focus EV's marketing plans.