Sun Gazette Candidate Coverage - Pay to Play

Hello Yupette,

I was standing around a candidate's table at the County Fair yesterday when a advertising sales person from your favorite local newspaper (who could it be? who could it be?) approached and started talking to the campaign staff.

Of course, several campaign workers were very interested and started chatting her up, telling her that the campaign was in the mood to buy political advertising, etc. This led to an animated discussion about your favorite editor, no last names, call him 'Scott'.

Turns out that 'Scott's' nickname around the newspaper is 'Mr. Sub Man' for the way he devours submarine sandwiches at work.

Oh, the ad sales person told the campaign staff that she sat right next to 'Scott' at the newspaper's Edsall Road offices and she could arrange favorable news coverage in return for 'serious campaign advertising'.

The campaign staff told her that everyone was very familiar with 'Scott's' journalism and told her to check out the Arlington Yupette blog to see your coverage of 'Scott' and the newspaper.

Thought you would enjoy some news from the County Fair.

fed up Dem